Privacy Policy

On this website, regarding to collection, use, and/or management of personal information, we comply with "Ehime Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance."

What is private information?

Private information is information related to the individual, such as name, date of birth and other descriptions by which the individual is identified, and or used together with other available information.

Restriction of collection of information

When collecting personal information on the website, we disclose the purposes of collection and ask for only necessary information.

Restriction on the usage, disclosure, sales and/or transfer of the information collected

The private information collected is used exclusively for clerical purposes and will not be sold or offered to any third party except in cases constituted by ordinance.

Insurance of accuracy and security (of the website)

We strive to maintain personal information that is obtained and try to confirm that it is accurate and up to date within a necessary range to achieve the purposes of our clerical work. Personal information that has been collected is stored appropriately so that there should be no disclosure of information to other parties or loss or damage incurred. Personal information that is no longer necessary to possess is promptly and surely discarded.